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Your LJ username sucks.

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May 4th, 2004

ashtraycunteyes @ 11:10 am: My username doesnt suck. you are however all right. Yours do! haha

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April 29th, 2004

me0w_x_core @ 07:38 am: one day i was bored and created the LAMEST LJ. my LJ name sucks. but that's okay b/c i @ least i dont suck @ life! well maybe that's a bit questionable ...


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April 19th, 2004

pleasantperson @ 06:23 pm: first prize
Hii, I just joined,
& myyyy username is the worst of all.
I think my mum picked it out,
that is exactly how bad it is.


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grodybrody @ 01:44 pm: If anyone had this LJ user name, it would be the worst= isaackidder.

April 15th, 2004

aarhatesitcom @ 01:20 pm: My screen name is my OLD website's address aar.hatesit.com, and since I haven't updated it since July it's useless...I wish I can change it, but I just have way too many memories in this one.

April 14th, 2004

mmmmpie101 @ 02:44 pm: hrm... hi
*NO ONE* understands it... that must mean it sucks...


loser_emo_kid @ 04:36 pm: Mine is the worsterest.
Obviously. The only way it could suck anymore is if it had x's in it. But it doesn't. So it must stick to being second worsterest ever.=) I wish I could change it.=( The new one would still suck, but it couldn't suck as much as this one unless it was loserxemoxkid. That one would be horrible.

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suicidal_kisses @ 03:40 pm: my LJ name sucks ass.

i thought i liked it..but after i made it i realized it makes no sense and it makes me sound depressed and suicidal myself.


catch22xstars @ 12:39 pm: My LJ Name SUCKS!
It starts with a letter,
It has numbers in it,
It's a name that others have,
It isn't creative,
It features a band,
It has almost to a million x's,
It's registered,
And it's something...

Therefor.. my LJ name SUCKS!

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clarisse_havok @ 12:39 pm: my name's about that girl the government take in Fahrenheit 451 and the lead singer of AFI who i wanted to marry.

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