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yourljnamesucks's Journal

Your LJ username sucks.
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This is a community for everyone. Why? Because everyone's LJ usernames suck.

Rules for community:
-your LJ username must suck. In order for your LJ username to suck, you must be an LJ user. Then your LJ username automatically sucks.
-you can't join to be a friendwhore. If I see any "Hi I'm new, add me please"'s, you'll get the boot.

How to figure out if your LJ username sucks:
-it starts with a number.
-it starts with a letter.
-it starts with an underscore(for the mentally challenged, that's "_").
-it's a name that a thousand other people have.
-it's uncreative.
-it's a lame attempt at creativity. You failure.
-it features a band in it.
-it has a name in it.
-it has your name in it.
-it has someone elses name in it.
-it has a million "x"'s in it. That doesn't make you hard"x"core, silly.
-it is a registered LJ username.
-it is anything.