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Your LJ username sucks.

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sliefoxx @ 04:00 pm: ... its a pun.

kitsune = sly fox (Old name="kitsune_103")

kitsune_103 ... kitsune_slyfox (But that looked annoying, and everyone has the name 'kitsune' or 'slyfox')

kitsune_slyfox ... kitsune_sliefoxx (It took three years to get to that)

kitsune_sliefoxx ... sliefoxx

Yes. My username sucks, because its unoriginal.


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Date:May 1st, 2011 11:59 pm (UTC)
This is quite similar to how I came up with my username.

I couldnt' think of anything, so I grabbed my name book, close my eyes, flipped to a random page, and put my finger down. It landed on some name that meant 'pure'.

pure=katharis (greek)
katharis=tiszta (hungarian)
katharis+tiszta (purepure) = katharis_tiszta

Mine sucks too, for it is also original.
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